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    Door Installation
    Door Installation

    Nothing says “Welcome home!” more than beautiful hurricane-proof front doors. With Cherry Roofing, the Broward County-based door installation contractors, you only get the best quality doors and windows, installed by trained technicians who know how to achieve the perfect fit for ultimate style, safety, and energy efficiency. Not only do strong, well-fitting doors contribute to your security, they keep unwanted noise out, too.

    When It’s Time for Doors & Windows, Choose Cherry

    Homeowners in the State of Florida will realize several advantages in upgrading their windows and doors. But such an investment is only as good as the quality of the installation. So, it’s crucial to hire an experienced, local window and door installation company like Cherry Roofing, which has the experience and training with the best products in the industry.

    Door Installation

    Top 10 Advantages of New Hurricane-Proof Doors & Windows

    1. Energy Efficiency:

    Hurricane-proof doors cost a bit more, but they are extra energy-efficient to save costs in the long run. The advanced insulating qualities of our impact-resistant doors and windows will help regulate indoor temperatures, reduce the reliance on air conditioning, and lower energy bills.

    2. Hurricane Protection:

    Cherry Roofing’s hurricane-proof doors and windows are designed to withstand high winds and flying debris, providing added protection in times of severe weather.

    3. UV Protection:

    The glass used in our superior windows and doors often come with UV-coated glass that helps reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, which can fade interior wood surfaces, flooring and carpets.

    4. Improved Security:

    Certain models offered by Cherry Roofing come with advanced locking systems and shatter-resistant glass, providing a stronger defense against break-ins.

    5. Noise Reduction:

    Upgrading your windows and doors can help reduce external noise, providing a more peaceful and comfortable living environment.

    6. Increased Property Value:

    Potential buyers are often attracted to, and will pay more for homes with modern and energy-efficient features.

    7. Local Climate Considerations:

    Cherry Roofing will recommend products and installation techniques tailored to your unique Florida climate conditions.

    8. Compliance with Building Codes:

    Hiring a local contractor ensures that your window and door replacements comply with hurricane codes and other high standards, avoids potential legal issues and ensures the safety of your home.

    9. Warranty and Support:

    Cherry Roofing’s workmanship and product warranties add extra layers of protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

    10. Customization Options:

    We’ll provide knowledgeable guidance on door and window customization options, ensuring a seamless integration with your property.

    10 Distinctive Door Styles You’re Sure to Love

    1. Modern Doors

    The geometric details and large glass panes often characterize modern-style doors. We can also have some fun experimenting with non-traditional hardware for your door handles–whatever pleases you!

    2. Contemporary with Glass

    Front doors incorporating generous sections or panels of safe, strong glass are a common choice for a sleek, contemporary look.

    3. Etched Glass Doors

    Opting for an etched or frosted glass door is a great way to invite warm sunlight without sacrificing energy-efficiency or privacy.

    4. Modern Farmhouse

    The modern farmhouse aesthetic builds upon American traditions with twists of modern accents in the form of sleep lines. bold colors choices, and sophisticated hardware.

    5. Barn Door

    Also called double-hung, split, half, and Dutch doors, this door style allows you to open a top section to allow in a refreshing breeze.

    6. Wood Paneled

    A wood textured door is ideal for rustic homes but can also be made modern or contemporary with the right fixtures.

    7. Arch Top Front Door

    A real stately appearance can be achieved with arched doorways, which complement both modern and traditional architecture.

    8. Steel Doors

    Steel is one of the strongest materials for a front door, surpassing wood in strength and durability.

    9. Craftsman

    Often characterized by decorative molding, typical craftsman doors may be familiar with their top panel of windows.

    10. Traditional with Side Glass

    For a more traditional-style front door, a version with sidelights combines traditional and farmhouse.

    Door Installation
    What Does Door Installation Cost?

    Door installation cost in Florida can be influenced by several factors. The type and material of the door, such as fiberglass, wood, or steel, can significantly impact costs. Additionally, the size and complexity of the door installation, including any customization or special features, will contribute to the overall expense. Labor costs from a skill installer also play a role, but Cherry Roofing always gives you a fair and competitive price, combined with excellent workmanship. Florida’s climate and environmental conditions may necessitate specific considerations, such as hurricane-resistant features, which can further affect costs. Additionally, any necessary permits or compliance with building codes in the region may add to the overall expense of the installation.

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